water cooler fan factory

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    water cooler fan factory (Bản đồ)
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    Our History
    Since 2004, is the specialized manufacturer of evaporative air coolers, cooling pad and exhaust fan etc. in Shunde of China. It has the experience more than 10 years.
    Our Factory
    Our factories have own R&D center, mold design and production line workshops for evaporative air cooler, cooling and ventilation fan.
    Our Product
    Manufacture air cooler, cooling pad and ventilation fan For indoor and outdoor
    Our Certificate
    CE, CB,UL, SAA, SASO ISO9001:2010
    Production Equipment
    Injection machines
    Production Market
    Southeast of Asia, Middle-East, West EURO, South America, and North America
    Our service
    Quickly reply to the customers’inquiry and question before sale
    Closely follow and finish well the orders during the production.
    Positively answer the customers’need and help after-sales.water cooler fan factory
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