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    OEM CNC Vertical Lathe (Bản đồ)
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    ※Our Factory
    Kaida was founded in 1952 and has a history of more than 65 years in manufacturing lathes. Through reformation in 1997, we have been changed from a state-owned enterprise to a joint-stock private enterprise. In 1992, we began to explore overseas market step by step. Gradually, our partners from around the world become more and more.
    Kaida is committed to bring efficient, high precision and stability to all users by insisting on providing our customers with high quality machines. We got ISO9001 certificate in 1997, CE certificate in1999 and ISO14001 certificate in 2005 to ensure the best in quality.
    ※Product Application
    Lathe machine is so wide in application, involve the defence aerospace, automotive industry, mold manufacturing, mechanical processing, parts structure etc.
    ※Production Market
    We have strong partnerships in Europe, America, South America, India, Southeast Asia and South Africa. And we are looking for agents in these areas. Our products have been sold to 87 countries , In the further,we want to develop KAIDA to a global brand. Wherever you are from, we are looking forward to explore new market with you.
    ※Our Certificate
    ※Our service
    Business and technical consulting services within 24 hours response, spare parts supply at least 3 days.Parts supply limitation: CNC lathe for 8 years, conventional lathe for 10 years. OEM CNC Vertical Lathe

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